Heritage Fair Meeting #1

Tonight I met with some colleges about the Regional Heritage Fair (similar to a Science Fair but students pick a topic of Canadian History) to happen in April. We will be hosting the Heritage Fair at a local historic site and I am very excited about the kids reaction to the reenactments that will be put on for them about the historic site. I think the use of technology with history is a very interesting, and powerful tool because we are using something that wasn’t available to the people of that time to tell their story.

As I prepare to start my class on planning their heritage fair projects I am considering what meaningful tools I can have them learn, and what research skills they can develop that will be meaningful. I am considering each student using a Diigo account to track their internet resources because it seems like they are always loosing their resources, and research notes. I am also going to have them use VoiceThread to make an introduction to their projects, and then have the other students comment on what they would like to know about that topic. I am hoping that this will build their inquiry skills and possibly develop some new research questions, that push beyond the basic information available.

If you know of any other tools that would be good for me to incorporate please let me know!


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