Next Year I Will …

It is that time of year again, the time when everyone is talking about making a New Year’s Resolution, and how they are going to set achievable goals with benchmarks to help them on their way. I am sure we have all been there and done that, and like most people maybe not achieved our goals as well as we would have liked.

So, I have decided this year to choose one phrase that I am going to use that will affect my whole life and outlook!

#1 – THIS year I will LOVE LIFE LEARNING! – Thanks to my PLN, my coworkers and my students, I can honestly say that I love waking up everyday when that alarm goes off at 5:45am and heading out the door because I know that I am going to learn something today! I love the fact that there is never a day where I don’t feel like I have grown in someway or learned or tried something new!  So there you have it!

What is your “I will” statement?


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