Skype Session #1

Today we hosted our first Skype session in the Grade 4 class. We were studying rocks and minerals I thought that it would be neat to Skype a geologist into the classroom. I had tried to set up some Skype sessions earlier in the year, but never heard anything back from emails, and it ended up getting down to the bottom of the list. A few weeks ago I decided to give it another shot and I randomly messaged a few people that I noticed were “geologists” on their Twitter profile, and were active users. I was referred to @callanbentley and after a few tweets back and forth everything was arranged for today.

As a class we spent some time preparing question and deciding which questions were the best to ask. The kids were so excited I think that they would have each asked a question if I let them. I wrote the questions down on the board that we were going to ask to keep it really clear for the child asking them.

About 10 minutes before the session, we set our classroom up in “stadium seating” (moved all the desks to the side and made rows with our chairs, that were staggered so everyone could see!). During the session, the kids were so attentive and listed to Mr. Bentley’s responses. The 10 minute chat went by very quickly and had a very positive effect on the class.

After the session I had these comments
– “Can we do that again? It was so cool!”
– “That is so neat that he is in Northern Virginia and we our in our classroom seeing his rock samples.”
– “He has an awesome job because he is doing something you can tell he loves!”
– “I am going to take pictures of rocks when I am on vacation”. (A light bulb moment!)

I think that his was a very worthwhile experience for my class and something that I am going to try and do more frequently next year.

Special thanks to @callanbentley for visiting our class, and inspiring young minds to think about geology.


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