Are you a mathematically literate teacher?

Tonight I was working on creating a scavenger hunt for my AQ course and I was flipping through a document called “Teaching and Learning Mathematics: The Report of the Expert Panel on Mathematics in Grade 4 to 6 in Ontario” and I came across the following info-graphic (something I have been investigating this afternoon) titled “Characteristics of Mathematically Literate Student”.

I was intrigued by the graphic and the explanations of each characteristic that was provided in the document but seeings as the focus of the course is on leadership, I began to wonder…. What are the characteristics of a mathematically literate teacher? 

I began to look at each characteristic and adapt the description to fit “teacher” instead of student.

This is what I have come up with …

Characteristics of a Mathematically Literate Teacher 
1. Consistently trying to make real-world application of the math concepts they teach to make math meaningful for student.
2. Have depth and flexibility to their understanding of concepts, so that they are able to encourage students to approach problems from multiple angles and view points.
3. Able to facilitate students making connections between mathematical concepts and understand how different mathematical skills are interrelated.
4. Can break down their “sense of number” into intermediate steps in order to explain complex or abstract ideas to students in processable chunks.
5. Are willing to work with students to develop multiple strategies to solve mathematical problems so that each child is able to develop confidence and see the beauty of problem solving.
6. Can communicate their mathematical thinking and reasoning at a level that students can grasp and be inspired to learn more.

After completing the list I realized how many skills are actually required to be a mathematically literate teacher and their are certainly areas that I can continue to work on.

What do you think? Are their other characteristics that I have missed? Do you think it is important to be a mathematically literate teacher in order to teach mathematics?


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