The Pedagogy Behind the Blog: My Decision EduBlogs vs. KidBlog

I have been thinking a lot about my blogging in my classroom next year and the possibility of transferring to EduBlogs from KidBlog next year. I have seen a lot of other educators using EduBlogs and wondered if I was missing out by not using that format. Today I spent some time playing around with Edublogs and it is certainly a lot more powerful than KidBlog but I don’t know if Grade 4 kids need that level of sophistication.

Whenever I use technology, I try to keep the pedagogy first so … the pedegogy behind using blogging is
-> increases motivation for writing because students can share with each other, and they actually get to “publish” their work
-> able to share their work outside of the classroom (with other students around the work, family members)
-> creates a digital portfolio of student work and accomplishments over the year
-> fits with the “constructivist” framework
-> encourages reflection
-> provides students with meaningful feedback quickly

Some of the benefits of EduBlogs are that you can add in widgets and counters to track visits … and you can create more appealing layouts. If thinking about this comparative to the IB program it would be neat to track visitors from around the world but this could be done on a class blog instead of individual blogs?

So … we can see that blogging is a good thing but do I need to go to the more powerful tool for my class or do I get all of the same benefits from Kidblog?

What do you think? Am I really missing out on something by not using edublogs? Can you think of other pedagogical reasons for blogging?



  1. Today, I am currently researching that same exact question. I just stumbled upon your blog here and was excited to see that we have a lot in common. My name is Marcie and I teach 4th grade, as well. I also focus a lot of my efforts on 21st century learning in the classroom and have been spending the last couple of hours figuring out how I can improve blogging with my students for next year. I have had very similar thoughts with edublog – would my students benefit more by using a more complicated blog? Is kidblog the best way for my students to interact with each other online? Previously, I used Blogger and my students were only commenting and not posting. I can't wait to start up the new blog next year!

    I am also looking into finding a way to use Shelfari with my students (is it kid friendly?) and I plan on starting Twitter next year.

    I look forward to hearing what other adventures with technology you have.

    -Marcie Callicoat


  2. Thanks for your comment, Marcie! You even spell it the “proper” way! So neat to find someone else with so much in common. I would love to see if you find anyone else with the same question? I just think that for Grade 4 and their first intro to blogging, KidBlog might just do the trick.
    What is your Twitter handle – mine is MarcieLew I would love to follow you!
    Let me know if you have a blog and I would love to share ideas.


  3. I am so glad to find another Marcie, spelled the “proper” way! Do you get called Marcia a lot? That always happens to me. Pet peeve!

    I've spent more time on the two different blogs and KidBlog is my winner. I can't wait for my kids to have an online portfolio. We are requiring them to have flash drives for the first time next year. I am looking forward to that.

    Here is my reading blog – so you can see how I used it with my students last year. I basically used it as a discussion board.

    I found you on Twitter. I am MrsCallicoat. I am doing the SMART certification training in 2 weeks. How is it going?


  4. So, What did you find out? I am a 3rd grade teacher and want to figure out what I want to use next year. I used Kidblog last year and it worked well, but I want to be be able to add audio and video in an easier way. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


  5. I'm using Kidblog with fourth graders and I like it a lot. I haven't had much luck connecting with other classes thus far, but it has only been a few months. I wonder if I'd get more interaction using edublog… Come check us out:


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