What do you value?

Yesterday we had an interesting discussion about values and what we value as individuals, as teachers, a school, and a community of learners. It was interesting to reflect on how our values shape our teaching practice, and how we measure if we are doing a good job of the things that we value. The next time you read your schools mission statement think about if you are doing a good thing about actually doing those things.

During the discussion we divided into 2 groups and each group took a slightly different approach, but yet in the end the things that we value are both very similar. Although we have just scratched the surface in this investigation, I am hopeful that it will have a positive impact on our team, as we search for a deeper meaning.


One comment

  1. Nice post Marcie.

    You are so right, I think. We often try to get teachers to adopt certain techniques and pedagogy but it is difficult if that teacher's value system is in conflict with the methodology being encouraged.

    So do we attempt to have them change their values? Hmmmmm…



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