First FLL Practice

Today we held out First FLL practice ever! What an experience. For those of you don’t know what FLL is it stands for FIRST Lego League and it is for students age 9-14. At my school we have started up a 2 FLL teams for students in Grade 4-6. We have about 12 boys and 8 girls who are interested – although the girls needed a little more convincing than the boys! Being a female coach I was very interested in having a good gender representation.

All day long I had kids asking me “How much longer till Lego Robotics?” and I have never seen kids move quicker after sports to get to my classroom. At 4:00 we opened all of the pieces from the Field Setup Kit and started sorting and building. It was slightly chaotic but the energy in the room was electric. I was so thankful to have 2 other coaches helping out but the 20 kids were so focused and worked so hard, I don’t know if they needed us! We haven’t finished quite yet and I think if we had 1 more hour it would have been done. It took a long time because we had to keep searching for each piece. If I was to do it again, I would sort the pieces in advance into trays for each set, or Lego should send them in mini-sets for each Mission Model.

Next week we are going to introduce the theme “Food Factor” and start with some basic robotic stuff! Sounds like fun to me. 


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