SMART Notebook Lesson Activity Toolkit: WORD GUESS

Today in searching for a new word activity to review our weekly words I found “Word Guess” in my SMART Notebook Lesson Activity Toolkit #2! To find it go to “Lesson Activity Toolkit 2.0” then “Activities” then “Word Guess” – it is actually the last one in that category. It is a little like the tradition “Hangman” that I played as a child in that there is a specific number of blanks that appear and as students click on the letters they either “score” or “miss” – it can be either soccer themed or basketball themed I think. To add another level of challenge, I had my kids “chanting” the words in the correct spelling as they went. In the past kids by Grade 4 have not really found “chanting” too exciting but today they loved it! I think seeing the visual of the letters popping up, and hearing the letter is a great way to reach multiple learning styles.


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