Transformative Teaching Experiences

This weekend I have been working on an application for a summer leadership program. The application asks for a personal statement which discusses one or two teaching experiences that have influence you. At first, I was pretty confident about my selections but as I began to brainstorm, I realized that this tasks wouldn’t be as easy as I initially thought.

Then I had a “lightbulb” moment as I tell my students. I was flipping through my professional portfolio that I made a few years ago and I found a special note from a student on one of my teaching blocks (6 weeks). I remember getting this note and thinking that it was the best gift/inspiration I could have received a the beginning of my career. I have posted a copy as it was originally

Ms. Lewis

Thanks to you for a whole new year, a whole new clear
A better way to live my life, a better way to start off right
Pushin us that extra bit, to get us where we got to get
For teaching us to do whats right, not giving us much homework at night
This is your song, nothing wrong with your own song
Planned a lot of fun things, you take us under your wings
Had a great time at the famine, thought the science thing was slamming
Thanks again for what you’ve done, your the best your number one
Hope you come back to see us, you will because you’ll miss us
Before I go off to Grade 8, please don’t come late
Everyone was doing something for you, I wanted to do something unique and true
So I wrote you this a memory of our class, it’s the last
Your a hero in our eyes, changing all our lives
For your leaving, I’m still believing
We may not have a big banner or party planner
But we have an amazing class like a family plan
We stay close were like mail and post
My smiles go a thousand mile
Jacky’s moves are in the groove
Daniel’s games are very lame
We are a bunch of cards that go very far
The ones that you don’t want in your car
It’s my time to say good-bye
Please, Please don’t cry
Thank you so true thank you

By Christian M.
May 2008


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