Searching for an Ecologist to Skype with

Last year during my Rocks and Minerals unit, I arranged for my class to Skype with a geologist. It was an amazing experience and I have tried to do it again with other units of study but have been unable to find someone who was willing. I think that many people don’t realize how little time it can take, and the impact that it makes on the children. In hopes of trying to find an ecologist for my ‘Sharing the Planet’ unit, I thought that I would try and describe our unit a little bit more so that potential volunteers might have a better idea of what we are studying before committing.

The Central Idea of the unit that we will be focused on investigating is that “Life is sustained by the relationships between living things.”

We will be looking at

(a) Interdependence of living things – i.e. food chains/webs
(b) Impacts of behaviors on habitats – i.e. human impact and natural impact, different biomes
(c) Responsibility of humans in sustaining life forms – i.e. endangered species, preserving habitats

If you know of any one who would be willing to Skype with us I would love to get in contact with them. It is an amazing opportunity to impact children who are eager to learn about something you are a specialist in. 


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