Lego Men and Perspective

Last night I was searching for a fun way to teach my kids “story boarding”to work on our digital stories. I wanted them to really select the images carefully and have them add to their story from an emotional point of view. I had remembered reading/learning about camera shots and angles and how they can affect the way our brains interpret the message. So I went to the internet. After a few webpages that were much to technical for Grade 4, I found some great pictures of Lego Men from different perspectives on the Official Class Blog of “I590: Interaction Culture” (Indiana University School of Informatics). I also found a good video titled “Using Camera Angles and Movement to Evoke Emotion“, although the guy in the video talks very quickly so you have to really stop to discus!
The first image we looked at is the top image on the left. The kids talked a little bit about how the focus was at the front and you really couldn’t tell what the group in the back was doing. It was interesting as soon as we looked a the second image the comments that I began to hear. 
Student A – They are “bullying” him. 
Teacher  – Why do you say that?
Student B – Well, he is being left out of the group and they all have mean looks on their faces, and weapons.
Teacher – Could you tell that from the first picture?
Student C – No because you cannot tell the distance between the Lego Men from the eye level shot. 
Student D – The Lego Man also looks smaller. I feel sorry for him.
This discussion continued for a good few minutes and it was so interesting to listen to the kids talk about how the picture angle changed the perspective. 
It was interesting to combine something that my kids love (Lego!) and something very technical. The kids were so into this and I hope that it will help them to select better pictures to add emotion to their digital stories!

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