Effective assessment is …

Effective assessment is … 
How would you finish this sentence? 
Does it matter if you are a student, parent, teacher, administrator? 
Recently, I participated in an assessment workshop where this was one of the activities that we engaged in. We were working toward understanding the purposes for assessment and how different stakeholders may have different answers to the same question, and recognizing there is a significant amount of common ground on which we can unite. The activity was done as a “place mat activity“, where each section around the outside of the page was a different stakeholder, and in the middle the commonalities were gathered.
Through extensive discussion within my group for the activity, and between groups there were some major themes that developed around how to complete this phrase. 
Effective assessment is 
• …guiding student growth.
• …a cycle of teaching, learning that informs instruction and provides feedback on growth. 
• …a vehicle to move forward on a learning journey.
• …personalized and responsive to students individual needs. 
How would you finish this sentence? 
How do we move toward establishing a culture of assessment in our schools to promote effective assessment practices?
Knowing what effective assessment is, is the first step in being able to delivering effective assessment in the classroom.

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