Why is it okay to pick on math?

As I was driving around town this afternoon running some errands for back to school prep I had the radio on. A commercial for a store that shall remain nameless (honestly, because I was so taken back that I cannot remember) came on and it really stuck a nerve with me. The gist of the commercial was a young boy who was thanking his mom for packing him an awesome lunch and then he said “but I still don’t like algebra”, and then the radio personality popped in and said “that is why I am a radio announcer”.

Why is it okay to pick on math, more specifically algebra?
What kind of stereotype does this reinforce?
Would it be okay to put any other subject in there?

Maybe I am a little too sensitive about math, but I feel that so much of how you approach math learning has to do with your attitude. When kids are hearing these types of commercials as they prepare to go back to school it is no wonder that building kids interest in mathematics can seem like a task at times.



One comment

  1. Having been a math teacher myself, I cringe at stuff like that too. It’s easier to poke fun at math and just say it’s really hard rather than admit something is challenging for you.


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