Talking About Growth Mindset Through Picture Books

While attending the Klingenstein Summer Institute in 2012, I was fortunate to hear Carol Dweck speak about having a growth mindset. Over the last couple of years, I have tried to incorporate this concept into my teaching; however, this year I am being much more intentional about my focus on this concept as it aligns with the strategic plan goals.

I often read picture books to my class that are motivational in their message. This year, I am trying to find and select books that can stimulate a discussion about having a growth mindset.

These are the books that I have already included:

The Girl Who Never Made Mistakes – Turning mistakes into learning opportunities

Thanks for the Feedback…(I Think!): My story about accepting criticism and compliments…the right way!  – Learning how to react and respond to feedback.

The Dot – Trying new things and approaching tasks with an open-mind

After each book we read, we have been keeping track of the way that we can change our outlook or mindset. We have also been posting infographics/quotes that support developing a growth mindset.

What books are you using to teach growth-mindset?


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