My One Word for 2015: Presence

Over the past few days on Twitter I have seen a number of people making ‘One Word’ resolutions. The feeling stems from the fact that many people make New Year’s Resolutions and then very quickly they are forgotten, or were unrealistic in the first place.

The idea with the one word, is that it is something that you can easily think about and work on improving in your life.

The word that I have chosen is presence and I think that it is a really important one when I think about how much we try and multitask and live lives constantly being bombarded by information.

Life is too ironic. It takes sadness to know what happiness is, noise to appreciate silence, and absence to value presence.

I would like to be fully present – not worrying about checking my email to see what has happened since I last checked, not sitting with my cellphone nearby just in case it should ring or buzz, and just really being present at what ever I choose to do.

Choosing one word or phrase to focus on seems like a good way to really think about making improvements in your life.


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