Skype in the Classroom with Dr. Jane Goodall

This week, my class participated in a Skype in the Classroom event arranged by Microsoft Education.

We are currently in the ‘Exhibition’ unit of our school year, where students are able to select an issue that they want to investigate. After they have become an expert through research including using primary sources, students are encouraged to lead positive change to apply their learning to make a difference. The theme for the event, How Every Individual’s Actions Can Make a Big Impact, could not have fit more perfectly with what we are currently discussing in the class right now. The recording of the event was later posted on YouTube, so if you weren’t able to join live, it is possible to still use this even as a launch point.

After watching the live event, we had a great discussion in class about the big ideas that Dr. Goodall shared. Below are some of the ideas that stuck with my students from listening to the broadcast.

Big Ideas 

  • Build Trust
  • Follow your passion and satisfy your own curiosity.
  • Criticism can be really useful. View it as a learning opportunity.
  • Everyday you live you have an opportunity to make the world a better place.

Skype in the Classroom Broadcast with Dr. Jane Goodall 


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