PYP Exhibition without the trifold board … it is possible.

We did it … this year we eliminated the trifold display board for our PYP Exhibition community celebration.

What did it mean?

• It allowed our students to focus their time on thinking about creative ways to engage their audience rather than being limited by the traditional trifold board.

• Students devoted more time to their mode of expression  and created games and activities related to their issues, leaving people with a memory or a story rather than just facts. We had beautiful art work, songs, a dance, poetry and even infographics.

• It made the conversations at our community celebration richer, as students went beyond what would normally be on their display board.

• It was good for the environment. At the end of the celebration, there was trifold board that ended up in the dumpster or a house basement. 

Yes, it took some conversations with the students to help them reimagine what their booth might look like at the community celebration, but in the end I believe it was the right decision to help students engage more deeply in the learning process.


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