Dream IT: Project Evaluation

In considering the effectiveness of the PLC, it would be important to collect data from the participants in order to measure the changes in their technological knowledge and understanding. As members will be completing  survey prior to the first face-to-face session, a similar survey near the end of the school year for comparison would be helpful. Designing survey questions to reflect the goals of the PLC and the facets of understanding will provide useful feedback for continued development of learning opportunities related to technology integration. It would also be beneficial to collect evidence of examples of technology integration members of the PLC. These short anecdotes can be collated and utilized as support for continued growth toward the development of a technology integration specialist role.

Over the course of the year, I feel it is also important to keep track of the type of questions I am being asked by individual teachers. I would like to be able to see a shift in the types of questions I am being ask. As I currently enable people to ask me many technical ‘how-to’ questions that could be answered by a quick Google, I hope to hear more questions related to how to effectively integrate technology related to TPACK. By keeping an Evernote journal documenting the questions, I can look at trends and also have a better record of the level of faculty support that is required. As I can access Evernote on my laptop, phone and iPad, I feel that this provides me with the best opportunity to make sure I am capturing all questions. Furthermore, by having a formal record of these conversations I will have further support for the development of a technology integration specialist role.

Another measure of the success of the PLC would be future interest from other faculty members. It will be interesting to see if there is interest from a larger number of faculty members in the following year after they have observed the first-cohort. Hopefully, members from the first-cohort will be able to mentor members in the second-cohort. I will feel very satisfied if the program is successful enough to be at a place where there is a larger number of technology integration leaders.

In more long term measures, the development of a technology integration specialist position would be another measure of success. If this were a result of the PLC, it would be evidence that the impact of the PLC on classroom teaching practices was significant enough that there was support for the effectiveness of professional learning in the area of educational technology.

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