Dream IT: Project Overview

Over the last four years, the focus of my school has been on achieving authorization for the International Baccalaureate (IB) Primary Years Programme (PYP). This program provides a philosophical curriculum framework on which units of inquiry are locally developed. As a result, the aim of professional development has been building faculty knowledge of inquiry-based learning and assessment practices. Although technology is readily available to all faculty and students, school-wide meaningful integration of technology is limited, in-part as it has not been a priority in recent years. Based on my personal interest and classroom practices, my colleagues and administrators come to me informally curious about my personal use of technology and the application of technology to their professional practice. Despite the fact that I enjoy sharing my practices, time to devote to this is limited on top of a regular teaching load. Currently, assisting individuals in trouble-shooting personal scenarios is not building significant technological knowledge to allow them to independently integrate technology on a wider scale into their classrooms. Utilizing a hybrid-professional learning community, I hope to increase interested faculty members knowledge and understanding of technology integration. Through this process, a positive culture and ongoing conversation around technology integration at my school will also be developed. It will establish the importance of professional learning in the area of technology integration, working towards the development of a permanent technology integration specialist role.

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