MAET Y3 – Galway

Creativity and Design

CEP 807: Proseminar in Educational Technology

For the program’s required final evaluation, students prepare an online portfolio summarizing their work in the MAET program and present this work in a group setting. Portfolios and presentations will be evaluated by at least 2 MAET course instructors, including at least one MAET faculty. Work presented must demonstrate the student’s competence in using technology to support teaching and learning and for presenting work clearly and professionally.

CEP 807 has been awarded an Honorable Mention in the 2013 MSU AT&T Award Competition in Instructional Technology.

CEP 817: Learning Technology By Design

Learning Technology through Design is a course that investigates the process of design particularly as it applies to educational technology. The course is structured around multiple design activities and one (or two) large design projects. Topics covered include learning by design, human computer interaction, art and aesthetics of design, iterative design, design evaluation, and collaboration in design.

CEP 818: Creativity in Teaching and Learning

Creativity is of increasing importance to educators both for their professional success and that of their students particularly given the complex, evolving knowledge ecology we are live in. In this online course we will explore a range of questions related to creativity. These include: What does it mean to be creative? Is creativity born or can it be developed/ learned/ nurtured? Does creativity reside in the individual or in the social (or organizational) context within which we live? What does the creative process look like? What is the relationship between creativity, play and humor? (In other words, do creative people have more fun?) How can we become more creative in teaching? How can technology help us become more creative teachers and learners? How can we integrate creativity in subject matter learning? How do we assess creativity? How can we develop creativity in others (particularly in learners)? What are the consequences of these ideas in an era dominated by NCLB?

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