Quick Tech Tip: Simple English

When my students are researching, they often find Wikipedia articles that they want to use to help them grasp a quick understanding of a topic before digging in to find other primary and secondary sources of information. Depending on the topic, some Wikipedia articles can be written at a very high reading level that can provide challenges for Elementary School students or English Language Learners to understand. One ‘solution’ to assist with this is the use of the ‘Simple English’ language from the ‘Language’ options on Wikipedia. Many articles have this as a language option and it does a good job on simplifying the content to make it easier to comprehend.

From the Wikipedia Homepage you can automatically select ‘Simple English’ as the language you would like to search in.

As you can see, the ability to select what language you would like to search in can be found on the left hand sidebar. Wikipedia Homepage Simple English.png

After clicking on ‘Simple English’, you will be directed to an onmibox (search box) where you can search for articles in Simple English.

Wikipedia Simple English Search Page.png

You can also perform a search in English and then select ‘Simple English’ from the language menu if you find that the article is too challenging to read.