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Google Educator

Over the past few weeks I have completed the process to become recognized as a “Google Educator” through the Google for Education program and Google Testing Center. Although I do not work at a school that is currently utilizing Google Apps for Education, I still felt there was value in completing the process. Many of the training modals provide good examples of how to integrate the type of tool into the classroom – and there are other similar tools available on the market (although they don’t work as seamlessly together)  if you don’t have access to Google Apps for Education.

In order to be recognized as a Google Educator you need to complete 5 exams (4 mandatory topics – Gmail, Drive, Calendar, Sites) , 1 elective-Chrome) on the Google Products. The exams are 60 multiple choice questions and you are provided with 1.5 hours for each exam. In order to prepare for the exams there are extensive online resources available for each topic as well as other products associated with Google. The “basics” are covered in the main lessons but be sure to click on “advanced” as the tests are based on this material. The “additional resources” are also helpful.


Google Educator Certificate

Google Educator Certificate