Day 4: GTD Lab

When reflecting on David Allen’s “Getting Things Done” philosophy, one major point that struck me was finding a way to streamline my ‘collection buckets’ of to-do lists. I am famous for having lists all over the place – in my teacher planning book, on my computer desktop, on my phone, in my purse. All of these lists in different places divides my attention and doesn’t really provide me with a clear picture of what needs to be a priority, and what my action steps should be.

One tool that I feel I could make better use of is Evernote. I have utilized the basic features of Evernote especially as a place to keep notes from professional development courses, conferences, and workshops; but, I have not used it as a personal organizational tool. Today, I organized a new notebook and make a to do list (or started!). Hopefully this can be a central collection bucket because I can access it on my computer, iPad, and phone.

I also spent some time exploring the shared calendar features of iCal. As a department, we run many activities and  it is hard to communicate with each other as to when different people are available. I thought it might be interesting to create a shared calendar where we can place meetins, after-school activities, field trips, etc. so that we are more aware of what is going on in the school. Often teachers don’t hear about things until the last minute so this might be a way to help avoid that.