who we are

Starting our First Unit of Inquiry – Who We Are

Today we started “Tuning In” to our first unit of inquiry central idea. Our school was recently named a PYP candidate school so we are all in the process of developing units and focused on teaching through inquiry.

The central idea is “Children’s access to human rights is connected to their ability to survive and develop to their potential”.

To start “Tuning In” I took the key words from our central idea and placed them on a blank piece of paper. Then the students rotated through all of the papers and recorded their ideas of what each word meant to them. I had each student use a different coloured pencil crayon to see each students ideas at the beginning of the unit.

I am interested to have our discussion tomorrow and decide on what each word means and perhaps look at definitions to assist us in making decisions.

If you have any other tuning-in strategies that would be useful or any suggestions, I would be very appreciative!