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Christmas Themed Math Problems

This is the last week of classes at my school before the Christmas Break! I always find it a difficult week to keep the kids focused and productive so I have tried to write some math problems to embrace the theme and help them to see there there is math every where we look! 
Miss Lewis’s
Christmas Math Problems
1.   The wrapping station in the mall can wrap 3 gifts every 5 minutes. For each gift they receive a donation of $2. How much money could they raise in 2 hours?
2.   Walmart is open 24 hours a day for the month of December, excluding Chirstmas Day when they are closed, and Boxing Day they are open from 7:00 am – 11:00 pm. How many hours is Walmart open during the month of December?
3.   Miss Lewis would like to put lights around 4 windows on her house. Each window is 1.25 m tall and 0.75 m wide. How many meters of lighting does she need?
4.  Mr. M would like to purchase a 2.5 m tall Christmas tree for the dining hall. Which of these trees is a better buy?
a.    All trees $49
b.   $18 per meter tall
c.    First 2 meters $40; each additional 10 cm $2
55.  There are 180 students in Lower School. Mr. Nagy needs to gingerbread cookies to lunch on Wednesday. Each batch makes 36 cookies and takes 22 minutes to bake. If each student can have 2 cookies. How many batches will he have to prepare? How long will it take to bake all of the cookies?
(Some questions adapted for metric units from: http://www.fi.edu/school/math/merry.html)