Dream IT: Project Outline

Given the accessibility of technology within my school, I would like to see it being harnessed more consistently, allowing students to perform tasks that are not possible without its use, not just the digitization of traditional tasks. As faculty play a key role in designing the student learning experience, they directly influence the level of technology integration in the classroom. In order to do this effectively, it requires faculty members to develop the appropriate technological knowledge to create meaningfully integration within their units of inquiry.

Considering Wiggins and McTighe’s (2005) facets of understanding, faculty members need to be able to:

  • interpret – identify the affordances and constraints of available technological tools
  • apply – effectively utilize technological tools and adapt them based on the context and content
  • explain –  justify why utilizing a specific piece of technology is appropriate
  • self-knowledge – engage in reflective practice to self-identify their current level of technological knowledge, and areas for further exploration

Once faculty have developed their technological knowledge and understanding, they should be in the position to make adjustments to their professional practice related to the effective integration of technology. Further development of appropriate communication channels for faculty to openly share their classroom practices, would enable technology integration to be an ongoing conversation with multiple voices. If successful, the discussions surrounding technology integration would move from a conversation based on developing technological knowledge, to an ongoing conversation based on blending the elements of TPACK , technological knowledge, pedagogical knowledge, and content knowledge effectively (Koehler & Mishra, 2008).

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